The 100 Black Men's programs are based on a simple principle: through sustained mentoring programs young people realize their potential. Mentoring is the platform the 100 uses to deliver its programs throughout our Chapter network. The 100 has been recognized by Presidents of the United States, foundations, school systems, business and community leaders and grateful parents, guardians and family members for its leadership and for creating, implementing and promoting mentoring as a critical transformative vehicle in the lives of youth.

100 Black Men of Chattanooga, Inc.     PO Box 1201     Chattanooga, TN 37401     423-821-6700
Four For The Future

* Mentoring
* Education
* Health & Wellness
* Economic Development

The above components are important to the community, especially underserved inner-city areas.

These programs nurture creativity, emphasize academic achievement, and reinforce social responsibility.

Organizational efforts are concentrated on constructively shaping the futures of young African-American men through education and mentoring. The need becomes greater as social values and spiritual development of our youth is on the decline in many home and community environments.

The 100 Black Men of America trains it members, who are all volunteers, using a curriculum entitled Mentoring the 100 Way Across A Lifetime, which stresses the long term commitment required and teaches effective and innovative mentoring concepts.

 The 100 Black Men has expanded over the decades from classroom and school-based mentoring programs to community mentoring and to deploying our mentoring concept in schools run by the 100. While improving educational achievement is a significant goal of our mentoring efforts, Mentoring the 100 Way focuses on developing our mentees from elementary school to career. Our members have a passion for educating children, developing their self-awareness, uncovering hidden talents, celebrating their unique skills and for supporting youth as they pursue educational and career goals across their lifetime.