The 100 Black Men of America Leadership Development Institute (100 LDI) is more than a program, it exists for the sole purpose of providing leadership and preparing tomorrow's leaders. To this end, the 100 created the 100 LDI. The 100 LDI offers balanced and comprehensive leadership skills training that builds an individual's capacity, as well as the collective capacities of the graduates, to strengthen community life.

The LDI is comprised of LDI Fellows selected from the 100's global membership. LDI Fellows receive developmental training to enhance their leadership skills. Also, the LDI Fellows engage in extensive research in areas specifically identified to improving the effectiveness and impact of the 100's programs. Public policy development is the final focus area which provides a framework for the 100's mentees and program participants to thrive.

The overall purpose of the 100 LDI is to develop a core of leaders throughout the 100 global Chapter network. Click the links below to learn more about the 100 Black Men of America, Inc.'s Leadership Development Institute.

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